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Reporting File characteristics (DCLive Forensic 7.5)

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  • Reporting File characteristics (DCLive Forensic 7.5)

    Hello all, first time posting, long time reader.

    As part of my doctoral research I'm analysing hundreds of .wav files and need a report of their characteristics (e.g. Hz, dB min/max/mean, duration, etc). I know how to get each individual measure but was hoping for a "file characteristics" like report.

    Any suggestions?



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    Some of that data is found under the View/File Info menu item in the software. Parametric data, however will have to be measured using the Spectrum Analyzer, also found under the View menu.

    You can use the print screen feature to make reports with either of these features.

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      Thanks for the reply Craig. Unfortunatly I have hundreds possibly over 1700 individual files I am processing, using print screen won't work as I'd have to type it up anyway. I'm still searching for a tool to do this, I may have to write a small program myself...ugh.


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        Hi Again,

        That is a lot of files! Maybe you can write a script that uses the features that I mentioned in conjunction with the Diamond Cut Batch File Editor?? Just a thought.

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          Joetoe -

          If you're doing the dissertation, probably someone has a program called MATLAB.
          I haven't used it, but I know some people who do and it looks like it will give you some of the kinds of info you need. Let me know if it works, because I have a similar situation where I'd like info on a number of files. I think MATLAB lets you add your own procedures as well, so you may be able to incorporate that with the batch processing.

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