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DC8.01 Update has been released

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  • DC8.01 Update has been released

    Diamond Cut Productions Introduces DC8 with the latest in Signal Processing Technology for your Audio Restoration Needs

    Diamond Cut Productions, Inc. is pleased to announce DC8, which contains the latest in signal processing technology for your most demanding Audio Restoration needs. We have implemented the best of your requests for various features and product enhancements over the last two year period since the introduction of DC7, which is widely regarded as the gold standard in the field of audio restoration. We have invested two years into the development of DC8 yielding a host of new and novel features which will provide you with better sound restorations in less time than in the past.
    DC8 includes features like a Big Click Filter which will automatically repair the extremely large clicks created by a cracked or badly gouged record. It also has a Direct Spectral Editor which provides you with the ability to manually attenuate or interpolate very long-lived noise events found on live recordings like coughs, whistling, chair movement and other unwanted spurious signals. We have also augmented the performance of the manual interpolator through the use of a combination of time and frequency domain techniques.
    DC8 includes two very useful restoration effects called the Sub-Harmonic and the Overtone Synthesizer. These new effects help re-create the lost lower and upper octaves of a recording adding more life to your restorations.
    File support has been extended to Broadcast Wave (BWF), Flac, and Ogg Vorbis. The built in CD burner now supports Disc at Once (gapless) CD creation along with CD text support. DC8 also supports Data Disc burning capability. The DC Tune Library has expanded capability allowing you to use the Multifilter and all of its effects and presets on files being played. The DC Tune Library also now includes shuffle play and repeat play modes. The Virtual Phono Preamplifier has been expanded to include 49 new LP EQ recording curves useable with either RIAA or Flat Preamp front-end hardware. DC8 is upgradeable from DC Millenium, DC5, DC 6 or DC7.

    Take it for a free 15 day test drive; download the fully functional demo by clicking on the following link:

    This is only a partial list of the features and improvements made to the Diamond Cut Audio Restoration software program. A complete list of DC8 features can be found at our website located at the following link:

    • Big Click Filter Added
    • Big Click Checkbox added to the EZ Impulse Filter
    • Direct Spectral Editing mode (DSE) added to the Spectrogram
    • Manual Click replacement provided in the Spectrograph View
    • Extended the length of the time interval capability of the Manual Interpolation Function
    • Added a bi-modal algorithm to the Manual Interpolator which uses both time and frequency domain techniques for greater signal replacement accuracy
    • Independent Hot key access to the Time Domain Only manual Interpolator
    • Added a Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer Effect for recovering lost lower Octaves of the audio spectrum
    • Added an Overtone Synthesizer Effect for recovering lost upper Octaves of the audio spectrum
    • Provided Multifilter support to the DC Tune Library
    • Added Continuous Play Mode to the DC Tune Library
    • CD Player Added to the DC Tune Library
    • Spacebar now starts and stops the play of any file in the DC Tune Library
    • Time Display added to the DC Tune Library
    • DC Tune Library has an expanded list of default Genres
    • Broadcast .wav (BWF) file support added
    • .wav file header editor added
    • Vorbis (Ogg Vorbis) Lossy Compression File Support added
    • FLAC (.flac) Non-Lossy File Compression File Support Added
    • Added a Shuffle Play Feature to the DC Tune Library
    • Presets added to the Make Waves Signal Generator
    • Entire Musical Scale Ranging from C0 to D9# added as Presets
    • Data Disc Burning Capability for CDs, DVDs & CDR-Ws
    • Disc at once mode added to the CD burner
    • CD text support added to the CD burner
    • Data Disc Burning Capability Added (CD & DVD)
    • Hotkey access added for the Spectrogram Function
    • Added 49 LP Phono Equalization Curves to the VPA
    • Added numerous presets to other filters and effects
    • Marker Transfer capability provided between the Source and Destination Windows
    • Scrubbing Tool added to rock back and forth over a file sector
    • Time Domain Tracking / Waveform Scrolling while playing is provided
    • DC Playlist play bar scrolling and random access to play position provided
    • User Selectable Display Themes provides choices of skins and color schemes based on personal preference
    • Improved the flexibility of the Spectrogram Function
    • Increased the Frequency Resolution of the Standard Spectrogram
    • Added Gamma Control and Inverse Palette to Spectrogram
    • Normalized Gain Scaling added to the Batch Processor


    Your Friends at Diamond Cut Productions, Inc.

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    Updated link to the DC8 Demo

    Hi Again - Folks,

    I just updated the demo download link so that you can get directly to the demo download of DC8 without having to navigate our Diamond Cut Homepage. It is:



    keywords: DC8 Demo Link, DC8 Free Demo
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      Price ?


      Some links on the home page aren't working....So, what is the price to upgrade from DC8 from DC7 ? Also, what is the price to have a hardcopy manual ?



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        Hi Marc,

        We have not gottten all of the marketing and sales items completed on the homepage yet. But here are the pricies:

        DC8 Full Version with User Manual and Install Disc: $199.00

        DC8 Upgrade* Version with User Manual and Install Disc: $99.00

        *Upgrades are defined as going from any of the following to DC8:

        DC Millennium




        For now, if you want, call us to place an order at 973-316-9111.

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          Another One

          Done, Order placed and I'm excited to see so many new features !



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            Hi Marc,

            You can download the demo now and get going with it; it will convert to a registered program when you receive your serial number which should be quite soon (early next week).

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              DC8 is the bomb :-)

              I've been reworking my DC7 restorations with DC8 and getting rid of a lot of noise. The Big Click filter, Direct Spectral Editing, Continuous Noise and Tunes Library enhancements are all most welcome. Thanks for all your hard work.


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                DC8 version 8.01 has been released.

                You can download it here

                1. Fixed the look of the VVA with some skin choices.
                2. Fixed error message with the Subsonic filter on long 96kHz files
                3. Changed Databurner default file system type to Joliet.
                4. Fixed Narrow Crackle length error
                5. Fixed EzImpulse length error
                6. Fixed length errors on some multifilter presets.
                7. Fixed Edit file from TuneLib. Edited wave file had incorrect path
                8. Fixed tune lib rename of multiple tunes. It would incorrectly duplicate some fields and not change others.
                9. Changed install to make temp path different on Win7.
                10. Fixed window style on Big Click Filter
                11. Fixed error message in delete playlist files, so it does not delete the actual tracks.
                12. Added check on CD burner size before starting burn.
                13. Fixed Median filter 78 RPM preset
                Note: Windown 7 users. The Preset directory will still default to the \program files\diamond cut\dc8\preset directory even though this will cause win7 to create a virutal store for these files. If you do not want a this, you should move all the presets to the Users\DC8 directory and change the preset path in the preferences.


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                  Downloaded DC8Setup801.msi file was incomplete

                  Looks like 8.01 will have all the right stuff

                  I just tried downloading it from The first thing that pops up is a security warning that says there will be 24.4 MB. I elected to save it. When the download completed, only 240KB was saved. When I then tried to open the downloaded DC8Setup801.msi file, I got the expected security warning, clicked Run and then got an "This installation package could not be opened..." error.

                  I got the same error when I elected to run it instead of saving it.

                  OK! Just tried it again and got the whole 24.4MB. When I ran the MSI, it prompted me to uninstall the previous version from the control panel. After I did, the MSI ran successfully.

                  The only surprise in the upgrade was that my preference for the root folder of my DC Tunes Library was not preserved.
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                    Down load DC8 problem

                    Just tried to up date DC 8 was instructed to remove previous first ?
                    Do i save the down load up date and then install?


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                      I would recommend downloading the program to your desktop (or wherever you personally prefer) and then, un-install the previous version. Use the windows un-installer to do this; your serial number and registration codes will be saved in the registry, so you will not have to re-register.

                      After uninstalling has been completed, then install the newer version.

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                        Update - we are now up to 8.03


                        We are now up to version 8.03; if you are not up to date, please download the demo version on top of your previous version and your system will be updated. Registration will stick and the cost is free.


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