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DC 8.5 New Features ?

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  • DC 8.5 New Features ?

    I saw a notice that the upgrade, DC 8.5, has an improved "shelf" at low settings ? Is there some info about this new feature ?


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    Hi Marc,

    We added a selectable Low Frequency Shelf function to the bottom band of the paragraphic EQ. Previously, the user only had one shelving function in the paragraphic - - - a High Frequency (top band) one. So, now, the user can have up to two shelves, a high frequency shelf and a low frequency shelf (essentially, a shelf is a pole-zero pair - - - a non-peaking/non resonant filter). The combination of the low frequency and high frequency shelves allows an almost unlimited number of combinations of bass/treble cut/boost with variable turnover and variable gain. We included 48 new presets along with this new function in the paragraphic EQ - - - you will see them under "Bass - - - " and "Treble - - - ".

    Further, we improved the sound quality of the Stretch and Squish (time and frequency expansion and compression) algorithm. It just sounds better than it did - - - we are always trying things to improve the various algorithms and we did so with that one.

    We hope that you enjoy the new features.

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