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Here is a complete feature list contained in the Diamond Cut Forensics8 Software package, shown in alpha-numeric order:

3 Band EQ
10 Band Graphic EQ
10 Band Paragraphic EQ (Parametric)
20 Band Graphic EQ
30 Band Graphic EQ
32,000 Band Equalizer (Spectral FIR Based Filter)
A-Law Compression
Acoustical Recording Transfer
Adaptive Filter
Adaptive Noise Rejection
Add File to End of Existing File
ADPCM Compression
Adaptive Frequency Domain Filter
Adaptive Time Domain Filter
AIFF File Support
ALC (Multiband)
ALC (Wideband)
Ambience Enhancer
Ambience Reduction
Amplifier Non-linearity Reversal
Amplifier Non-linearity Simulation
Amplify Display
Amplitude Measurement (Relative in dB)
Annotate Printed Document
Automatic Noise Reduction
Automatically Assign Names To Tracks Using CD Internet Database
Auto Spectrum CNF Filter
Auto Voice Filter
Averaging Filter
Average Phase Angle Management
AVI Video/Audio Extraction Support
Band Pass (FIR Based)
Balance (audio sound level)
Balance (gain controls)
Band Pass (IIR Based)
Band Pass Filter (Butterworth Response)
Band Pass Filter (Chebyshev Response)
Band Stop Filter (FIR Based)
Bass Control
Bass Sound Enhancement
Batch File Editor
Batch Processing
Binaural DSS