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    I'm using DC 8.5 quite daily and I had several problems these last months. When using the 20 band Gr.Eq and previewing the file before running the filter, I stop the pre-listening by clicking in the area of the wave and run Eq. So far so good but when I adjust the Gain and do the same, the program crashes regularly (30% of the attempts). The same happens when I stop the pre-listening by pushing on the Stop button.
    This is a bit annoying but I got used to and restart the program with quite the same presets, hoping I can go through with my cleaning procedure. This happened never with any of the other filters.
    And then came this last weekend a more serious problem with the same filter. During the pre-listening there was no change to hear when I adjusted ANY slide control of the 20 band Gr.Eq but the predefined preset s in the bank continued to work.
    In the same time when i tried to save my file as an Mp3 (directly with File/Save As or with the Batch File Editor) , the status bar progress indicator at the bottom was freezed on 0% but the process went on and I could retrieve the mp3 file after a while in the destination directory.
    I tried to repair the program with the install.exe, erased the temp files, cleaned some stuff to increase the disposable memory, nothing changed.
    Finally this morning I uninstalled and re-installed the program. Everything seems to work correctly again but I have to use the Eq more intensively to confirm it.
    What did change these last months on my computer? I upgraded my Windows 7 to 10 4 month ago, 1 month ago came the Windows Update 1903 KB 4524147 and the KB 4517389 and finally yesterday the KB 4524570.
    I'm asking myself if I'm the only one with that kind of problem?
    Best regards
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    What changed is that you upgraded from Win7 to Win10. That is the likely culprit.

    You are using a very old version of the Diamond Cut Productions software. It is hard to say what it will do when running on Win10 since the version 8 pre-dates Win10. The supported version is DCArt10.6x. You can obtain a discounted upgrade version here:

    Also, the link includes a 15 day free trial version so you can check it out.

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      I just looked in the company archives and the DCArt 8 family was compiled ~10 years ago. So, it is quite aged at this point in time and was not designed to run on Win10. Basically, almost anything can happen with that combination. Not recommended.

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      "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield


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        Thanks for the information Craig. I appreciate.