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  • Riaa

    Am new to DC Six and music restoration. Have been playing with the program for awhile. Am using DC 6 flat pre amp into my PC. Was told to use the paragrahic equalizer and The RIAA Phono equalization curve to enhance the recording. When I do this on some recordings I get distortion in the wave files. Do you have to use the RIAA filter? Am trying to make good quality CD's for myself with about 300 Rock and Role LP's. Any help would be appreciated.
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    The RIAA curve is not an enhancement feature but a "must" if you are using a magnetic phono cartridge. Without it, the bass will be nil and the treble will be shrill.

    You may be overloading the Paragraphic EQ. There is an overload LED simulation in the upper right hand corner of the filter. If that lights, then you are clipping the EQ. Next to the LED is a Gain control. Reduce the gain until the LED is no longer lighting. The audio should then be much cleaner. If not, then maybe you are overloading the input to your soundcard. Is the VU meter in the software topping out during recording?

    You may ask why the gain is too high compared to the preset? There are several variables that you are dealing with which could produce that result:

    1. The output signal level on your Phono Cartridge may be "hotter" than average. Also, make sure that the Phono Cartridge is of the Magnetic type and not of the Ceramic or Crystal type. Ceramic Cartridges have much higher output levels compared to Magnetic ones. Also, Ceramic Cartridges require a drastically different EQ curve or none at all.

    2. Your soundcards gain may be higher than average.

    3. You may be using the Mic input instead of the Line level input on your soundcard. If this is so, this should be corrected for best results.
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      In the latest shipping version (DCArt10.5x) the RIAA curve can be perfectly decoded using the Virtual Phono Preamp (VPP) found under the filter menu. Preferably, use this in conjunction with a flat phono preamp transfer of your record.
      "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield