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Cleaning moldy LP's

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  • Cleaning moldy LP's

    My Dad has just acquired a record player for the cottage. At said cottage are a lot of old LP's that have been stored in somewhat damp conditions and have got white mold on them.

    What do people recommend to clean them prior to use?
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    Re: Cleaning moldy LP\'s


    The best record cleaner I've found is LabTone, which is sold by VWR Scientific. It is sold as a lab utensil (flasks, test tubes, etc.) cleaner. I mix it up at half the recommended strength in lukewarm water in a shallow tray large enough to hold an LP. I gently wipe with a soft sponge, then rinse and place the record in a dish drying rack.

    Warning! This immersion method will get your labels wet, which may damage them. I'd never use this technique for valuable records. You need a record cleaning machine for them. I imagine your jackets and possibly your labels have already been damaged, so if you're just looking to clean the records to enjoy, this is what I'd recommend.

    You can find Labtone here:

    Good Luck,


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      Re: Cleaning moldy LP\'s

      I used the Labtone for cylinders and it works very well. It doesn't leave a film and doesn't damage the records as long as you're careful. I haven't tried it with LPs.

      Dan McDonald


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        Re: Cleaning moldy LP\'s

        This is the most thorough info I've found to date... check it out:


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          Try "Craig's Concotion" found on this forum. It's a diy forumulae. It's also written up in an application note format here:

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