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    I have a strange noise on a live show that, I believe, originally hailed from an FM source. It's hard to explain, but it's a jittery sort of static that comes in bursts, sort of like when you're driving down a hill and your FM station starts to waver. The music signal never gets weak or fluctuates, but the static can get a bit irritating and loud at times, like a mix of hiss and bad LP crackle.

    I've literally tried every filter. It may help if someone could accept a small bit via email to hear/analyze for him/herself.

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    Re: FM Reception Noise


    Did you try the Channel Blender under the Effects button? It has several presets that deal with FM noise. I tried it and it seems to help quite a bit.

    Dan McDonald
    Dan McDonald


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      I have heard some noises on FM broadcasts that can be eliminated by the EZ Impulse Filter. But, multipath noise is often best handled with the channel blender.

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