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System Crashes Using a Multi Filter and CNF

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  • System Crashes Using a Multi Filter and CNF

    Having installed the recent 4.80 Millennium patch, I've experienced the following on-going and constantly occuring problem: After building a multifiler (using a file that had been previously cleaned with the CNF, the multi filter was built in this order--Averaging; Punch & Crunch; Paragraphic EQ; and VVA) I am unable to preview the filter on a designated highlighted portion of the wave-file. Doing so consistantly yields the system crash.

    Ultimately, I have to run the Multi Filter (without previewing it) in order to ascertain whether or not adjustments are needed to be made. This is extremely time-consuming!

    Concurrent with this, when I had previously updated to version 4.64, I have never been able to preview the CNF on its own. To rememdy this, I had to build a Multi-Filter with the CNF alone, and preview in Multi-Filter mode for this one filter.

    This problem had been reported by me earlier in the year, but as of yet, have not received a recommended fix.

    And so, with multiple problems experienced trying to preview singular or multi-filters, I appeal to the moderator and/or group for assistance.

    OS is as follows: Windows 98 Second Edition; Pentium III Procesesor; and EgoSys Wave Terminal 2496 Sound Card.

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    Re: System Crashes Using a Multi Filter and CNF

    Here is one thing to try. Go to the display properties->advanced dialog box, then the performance tab and reduce the amount of hardware acceleration. You may have to reboot afterwards. The theory is that there is a conflict within the wave driver and video drivers that is causing this crash.

    Rick Carlson


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      Re: System Crashes Using a Multi Filter and CNF

      Thanks for your reply.

      I made the adjustment as per your recommendation (the original setting was on "none"--I moved the adjustment bar just to the right of this setting to "some") and re-started the computer. However, when attempting to again preview a 20-second highlighted portion of my 76-minute wave file with the previously mentioned multi filter, I again got the error as I had before.

      Are there any other suggestions you can make to circumvent this problem?

      I appreciate your help with this.