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Problems with Continous Noise Filter, etc.

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  • Problems with Continous Noise Filter, etc.

    Hi! I am new to diamond cut and maybe this has been asked before, but anyway I'll ask again.
    I recorded and old reel to reel concert onto my harddrive. It has a high noise level and I tried to reduce it using this CN filter. First of all I tried it with the full length file of about 90 minutes playing time and the program kept crashing on me in the preview mode. [Dr. Watson lists this as error: c0000005 ImageList_DrawIndirect (7178460F)]. Therefore I split the file in half and had no problems in that respect anymore.
    Then I followed the instructions and highlighted a sample of the noise opened the Continous Noise Filter, sampled the noise and tried to preview it with the suggested settings from the handbook. But I can't notice any difference between the orginal and the preview even if I adjust the sliders. I also don't see the Threshold and size of the Continous Noise Filter window explained anywhere in the handbook.
    What am I doing wrong?
    My OS is windows 2000 and I use an echo gina 24/96 sound card. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Problems with Continous Noise Filter, etc.

    Thanks. I'll try that.


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      Re: Problems with Continous Noise Filter, etc.

      First off I would suggest not using the CNF immediately. The first filter you should run is the Impulse Noise Filter three or four times at different settings then run the Dynamic Noise Filter at the de-hiss setting.

      That should put you in a good position from where you can start adding finesse with the other options available.

      Hope this helps some.