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  • DCart10 10.8 Version

    I received the email notification that version 10.8 was available as part of the Thanksgiving sale. I just downloaded the 10.8 demo version to upgrade my licensed 10.75 version. After installation, I found that I had to go in a reset all my settings and also that the color scheme from 10.75 had changed.

    I really liked in 10.75 where overlapping highlight was in red, which made it so easy to work with. How do I get back to that color scheme? I've played around with some of the color settings, but can't find the exact previous scheme.

    I'm sure it's something simple, hopefully.
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    Some of the previous user "stuff" stays from version to version. It seems that the info in the documents folder is saved and re-used by the new version.

    However, the info on the "preferences" page under the edit tab defaults to the factory settings. I have to re-do the options each time I upgrade the software.

    The colors are under the display tab for the preferences window (from the main edit tab). I set the background to light blue, the waveform to dark blue, and the highlight to light yellow. Pick what you like.

    I also turn off the fast edit on the general tab, and turn off the chimes sound on the "sound" tab.