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Need some basic concepts explained.

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  • Need some basic concepts explained.

    Can someone explain the relationship(s) between Threshold, Size and Tracking?
    I'm basically cleaning up LPs for transfer to CD. I only do this occasionally for friends, etc.

    When I first tried using DC-ART32, I ended up manually de-clicking the whole album using the keyboard "i" techinque.

    If I had a better understanding of the three above mentioned terms, I think I could tweak the parameters and let the program do the work.

    Thanks is advance!


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    Re: Need some basic concepts explained.

    Threshold is the number of counts above which the detetection algorithm becomes active. It is usually used for 78 RPM recordings with the tracking set to its minimum and size set to around 7. Tracking is used for high fidelity recordings such as LP's. It's purpose is to allow the algorithm to discriminate between musical transients and clicks. One generally sets the threshold to its minimum with the size set around 13 in Vinyl mode and uses the tracking to obtain the best balance between de-clicking effect and minimized distortion of high frequency musical transients. The size control relates to the window length for the expected click. Higher numbers imply longer impulse lengths.
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      On the newer version of the software (like the DCArt10.xx family), use the EZ Impulse Filter. It is adaptive, easy to use and very effective for reducing impulse noise from records of all types.
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