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    Make Sure System Meets Our Requirements

    Most machines today are more than capable of handling extensive audio signal processing techniques. Hard drives have also grown to a point, where you really have no limits on what you can do…except perhaps time. As we’ve not yet developed time manipulation outside of the computer, let’s just deal with what you’ll need in the way of a PC. Here are the minimum System Requirements:
    • Intel Pentium 4 or better (previewing large numbers of filters strung together in the Multi-Filter may require higher power processors.) Faster CPU clock rates are better. Core i5 or better is recommended.
    • 16 bit (or better) Stereo Sound Card with line level inputs. Real time feed through requires a full duplex sound card that can record and play at the same time.* Note: Sound card must use Windows DirectX or WDM drivers.
    • 1024 Mbytes of memory (RAM) for XP, 2GB for Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8**, or Windows 10 or 11.
    • Windows XP with SP3 upgrade, *** Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit), and Windows 10 (Windows 10 is the preferred Operating System for this software)
    • Audio Source Material
    • A high quality Audio Delivery System (to interface whatever source recordings you have into your computer system)
    • A Hard Drive with enough space to accommodate your .wav files. A formula is provided to calculate the space requirement but you should have about 2.5 Giga bytes free to make a full audio CD. (The program itself only requires about 45 to 70 Mbytes of space, depending on the version.)
    • Mouse, Keyboard, and Color Monitor
    • A High Quality Set of Headphones (required for Forensics Audio work)

    * You now possess the state-of-the-art in technology for audio restoration, enhancement, audio measurement and forensics file surveillance and authentication. If you haven’t yet replaced the sound card that came with your computer (which is probably the lowest quality audio component you own), consider purchasing a high-performance unit. Your audio restoration results will only be as good as the weakest link in your audio chain allows. Maybe that’s a good item to add to your “wish list”.
    ** If your computer has more than the minimum required to run your OS adequately, further increases in the quantity of RAM will not appreciably speed up the DCArt10 / DC Forensics10 algorithms since they are almost totally limited by the processor. Upgrading to a faster processor will allow the filters to run faster.
    Most DCArt10/DC Forensics10 algorithms use a single thread and will not be appreciably sped up by multi-core or multiprocessor CPUs.

    ***This product uses DirectX and requires DirectX 9.0 or higher.
    Some older computers may require additional component installations.

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