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    Status Bar

    The Status Bar resides along the bottom of the program window. Six Diamond Cut Software related parameters are displayed therein:
    • Program Mode is displayed in the lower left-hand field. Initially, it will indicate “Ready”. Clicking on the various toolbar buttons (from left to right) will enable the following functions and indicate the following operation on the status bar:
      1. Open an existing Waveform audio file
      2. Save the active Document
      3. Delete a Section of a .wav file
      4. Copy selection and put it on the clipboard
      5. Paste Clipboard contents over the selected area
      6. Context Sensitive Help
      7. Rewind file position to beginning
      8. Pause Playback of the selected file
      9. Fast Forward to the end of the file
      10. Start Recording an Audio file
      11. Stop Playback of the Current file
      12. Play the selected File
      13. Zoom-In to the selected area of the sound file
      14. Zoom-Out to the last selected sound file

    Note:Clicking on the various menu items will also activate a one-line help text file, which describes each item.
    • Channels Used: The field to the right of the "Program Mode" field shows the number of channels being used and will indicate either mono or stereo.
    • Sample Rate: The next field moving towards the right shows the sample rate in kHz.
    • Bit Rate: The next field moving towards the right shows the bits per sample of the current file.
    • Highlighted Length: The next field tells you the length of time for a highlighted portion of the Source or Destination workspace.
    • Available Hard Drive Space: The next field indicates the Available Hard Drive Space in Mbytes. This is useful to determine whether or not there is enough storage space to perform your processing.

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