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    Well here goes again! I seem to have "discovered" the secret of dealing effectively with the type of embedded crackling noise I am experiencing with some of the LP's I work on....and it is....the Adaptive Filter!!

    Craig. What do you think about this? I read in the manual that it is not really a "hi- fidelity" device, but it sure does a great job for me and has become one of my standards - more so than the CNF which is only useful if there is a reasonable amount of "sample" noise.

    Maybe its not "crackle" I am seeing but something else but whatever it is, the AF does a great job of reducing it.
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      Interesting result! Although the filter was not specifically developed to reduce crackle it is hard to argue with success. It was designed as a forensics filter to get rid of uncorrelated background noises on survielance tape recordings. But if it works, it works! I will have to give it a try myself. Thanks for the input.
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