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  • SSSSS's

    I noticed that Craig made reference to helping someone with crackles and in the same post said he had some suggestions for S's, "like bad slurring and breaking up of cymbal sounds or the pronounciation of the letter "s." I've worked up some home remedies and personal presets that work, but would like to know what the pro's recommend for the S's.

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    Re: SSSSS\'s

    It had been suggested for me to use the Punch and Crunch option via the new patch to version 4.86, however, this didn't work.

    I'm currently working on the restoration of a symphony concert where the over-sibilant "sssssss" sound was recorded as an almost peak/attack when the vocalist sang a word with the "s" syllable. After trying MANY methods of trying to overcome and correct these anomolies, I ultimately ended up maximizing the wave file where an anomoly occured, and manually using the Paste/Interpolate function, when available to do so, on obvious spikes, and then manually deleting portions of the same sound anomoly. Perhaps there's an easier method, if so, I haven't discovered it. However, even though its extremely time consuming to perform these cuts, it still has proven for me to be the most effective way of cleaning up this problem.

    Hope this helps.



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      Re: SSSSS\'s

      Another option you have is the selective use of the Low Pass Filter with the Source and Destination files set in Sync mode. That should do the trick. I would use only the first order filter (6 dB / Octave)in order to minimize settling time and ringing of the filter.
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