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Win! Win!! Win!!!

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  • Win! Win!! Win!!!

    WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

    To be a winner, just Enter into the Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Contest now and have some fun!

    No Purchase Necessary!! (Void where prohibited or restricted by applicable federal or state laws and regulations)

    Win a Copy of Diamond Cut Live 5 / Forensics Software


    Win the entire set of 14 Diamond Cut Audio CD?s


    Win a set of DCAT-3 Audio Test CD?s

    (Up to a $1,685.00 Total Value)

    To enter the contest, all that you need to do is to clean up a few short audio wavefiles and then submit your results.

    Download the following files and clean them up using DC-5:

    Contest Samples

    Rules for competition:

    1. Participants can use a demo version of DC5 found at Diamond Cut Productions, Inc. (Look for Get the Demo Here under the DC5 basic description.)

    2. Participants must not use more than 6 steps in general (not including individual steps found in the multi-filter. These may include:
    - Running a multi-filter (counts as 1 step)
    - Reversing the file
    - Manual interpolations
    - Selective filtering
    - Any additional filters found in DC5

    3. There should be no more than 2 runs of any Continuous Noise Filter settings for any of the restoration contest sample clips.

    4. Participants must attempt all sound clips provided. Failure to do so will result in a rejected entry/disqualification from winning.

    5. Participants using the Forensics version of Diamond Cut Audio Restoration software are not permitted to use filters other than those freely available in the latest version of DC5 Audio Restoration Software. You can check the filters/settings allowed using the following URL:

    6. A Participant may be disqualified for any of the following reasons:
    ? Cheating in any manner or behaving in a manner deemed unacceptable by the ?final adjudicators? (the moderators of the Diamond Cut BBS)
    ? Failure to submit results on time in order to compete
    ? Using a filter not available in the current version of DC5
    ? Failure to abide by the rules of the competition

    7. Participant?s usernames must be displayed and visible to the ?user adjudicators? (users of the Diamond Cut BBS) and ?final adjudicators? (Diamond Cut BBS moderators) when submitting multi-filters for each of the sound clips. Participants who wish to remain anonymous must make prior arrangements with the ?final adjudicators? before the submission date, in which the use of a corresponding number may be used.

    8. The final winner as decided by the ?final adjudicators? must supply a written description of the steps chosen in each restoration and why each step was chosen. This should be e-mailed to the ?final adjudicators? for editing before being submitted for reference on the Diamond Cut BBS.

    9. Competing participants and ?final adjudicators? cannot be approached during the competition, about the sound clips provided for the competition, by anyone competing. Any e-mails, phone calls or contact of any nature will be ignored until final multi-filter submissions are made and a winner chosen.

    10. Complaints must be in writing or via e-mail stating names and other factual information by the complainant, including the name and Diamond Cut BBS username of the complainant. Complaints may or may not be upheld by the ?final adjudicators? (Diamond Cut BBS moderators) and without liability.

    11. In matters pertaining to final adjudication, the decision of the ?final adjudicators? (Diamond Cut BBS moderators) is FINAL. They will not be held responsible/liable for any subsequent outcomes.

    12. Participants from directly competing software companies must mention so in their multi-filter submission to the bbs. Failure to do so will result in automatic disqualification.

    13. Employees of Diamond Cut Productions, Inc. or their worldwide affiliates, distributors, or retailers or families thereof are inelligible to compete in this contest.

    14. Winners understand and agree that they are liable for any tax or taxes incurred on prizes awarded or received.

    15. Diamond Cut Inc, its agencies, affiliates, sponsors and representatives are not liable for any loss arising out of or in connection with or resulting from any contest promoted on their website or this BBS.

    16. Any failure of Diamond Cut Inc. to enforce any of these rules in any instance(s) will not give rise to any claim by any other person.

    17. No person may enter any contest more than once.

    18. Any contestant discovered to have used or attempted to use any more than one name/username will be disqualified.

    Contest Timeline:

    A. Starting on the 1st of April, contestants can start to download and restore song samples. The contest ends on June 30th.

    B. Starting on the 1st of July, participants can submit their multi-filters and a description of any additional steps to the bbs. No submissions will be accepted to the bbs prior to this date or following 16th July. Participants (most likely those who use DC Millennium or an earlier version of DCArt such as DCArt 32) who have difficulty in constructing or posting multi-filters may send a written description of their steps to the final adjudicators via e-mail (either in the Diamond Cut BBS or externally), so that we can include multi-filters on their behalf in the contest. This must be done prior to the submission closing date.

    C. Starting on the 17th of July, DC forum users may access other members? multi-filters to listen to restoration outcomes. This should run through to the 2nd of August (Monday). During this period, users should vote their favourite restorations via either directly on the Diamond Cut BBS or to Doug at (if you wish to remain anonymous). Participants may not vote for themselves, and are not permitted to vote more than once for each of the sound clips.

    D. Votes will be tallied on this site. If a tie occurs, an additional (& nasty!) sound clip(s) may be used to determine the sole winner of the competition. Again, all DC forum users will be able to vote (once only) in such a situation as to the best restoration. In the event of a tie, two CD?s of the winners choice will be provided to the second place winner.

    E. Any disputes or ties will be resolved by Diamond Cut Productions, Inc.. If such a situation arrises, the prize(s) will be given at the discretion of the moderators of the Diamond Cut BBS (Craig & Rick & Doug).


    ? 2004, Diamond Cut Productions, Inc.
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    Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

    Just need a little clarification on couple of rules...
    1."Rule 6C" (Disqualification by using a filter or setting not available in DC-5) Are you saying that we can only utilize the factory presets supplied with DC-5 or are we allowed to manipulate DC-5's available filters to our needs?
    2. Are we allowed to "play" with these files - that is can we go through different aproaches to the restoration process on our computers before submitting our entries or are we only allowed one shot with each file? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif[/img]
    Thanks 4 the contest - Cool Idea! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]


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      Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

      You can use any filter setting that you desire. You can use factory presets or your own custom settings. You just need to save the custom setting(s) so that you can share them with the other contestants. As for the second question, you can play with the files as long as you like before submission. However, after submission, that is it. We hope that seems fair. Enjoy!
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        Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

        One other thing that occurred to me is that folks who want to compete will have to become members of this bbs (if you are not a member already) in order to post their results. This is no trick - - - it does not cost anything to register as a bbs user.
        "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield


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          Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

          Hi there,
          "Rule 6C" (Disqualification by using a filter or setting not available in DC-5), refers to people using the DC Forensics/Live program (that they may have already purchased). The Forensics/Live version of the Diamond Cut restoration program contains a couple of additional Forensics filters not found in DC5.....I included the term "settings" along-side "filters" to describe any "additional settings" that these dis-allowed Forensics Filters may also contain...

          Any options, filters or settings that you find in DC5 can be used in the competition...You can adjust the various paramaters in these filters to your heart's content....Try various combinations of filters and play with the controls for best results.

          Thus, this rule is not applicable to participants using DC5 or the DC5 demo

          Sorry for the confusion! - Have a play and see what you get....
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            Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

            Also, I'd like to mention here that even if you don't currently own a copy of DC5 you can still enter the competition using the Demo Version!

            <font color="blue"> Imagine winning the prize and upgrading from DCArt32 / DC5 (incl. Demo) / Millenium to the FULL WORKS!</font> <font color="red"> - Who wouldn't have a go??? </font>

            <font color="green">This competition is open to all users of the Diamond Cut Audio Restoration BBS and supported Software </font> (including those running the trial version of DC5 or who already own the full works - Forensics version)
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              Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

              Is it allowed to use earlier versions of DC in the contest. I hace DC5 but doesn't use it because Millenium is better for example in playback. DC5 has delay in playback and it can't be used to detect clicks in manual click removal.
              Timo Wuori


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                Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

                Hi Timo,
                We will have to discuss with the moderators if can use an earlier version of DC in the contest. You may not have the same multifilter functions as DC5. My understanding is that Milleniun does contain the multifilter capability, but if your's doesn't, let us know so that you are not disadvantaged in this way.

                It would be better if you used DC5 so that you are not disadvantaged in other ways (there may have been changes in the algorithms used etc...). DC5 has all the same filters &amp; controls but with a few extras. I will discuss this with Craig &amp; Rick further and let you know.
                At work I may look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm actually quite busy


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                  Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

                  If you are having a delay on playback, that is a soundcard driver problem. Check the box labeled in DC5 called "reinitialize on playback" in the soundcard preferences menu. Either that or switch the driver in the preferences menu to MME's or update the driver from the soundcard manufacturers site. At the end of the day, you will need to use DC Five to participate in the contest since that has the best algorithms and also has preset sharing capability.
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                    Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

                    Just a quick question concerning the contest samples. I have not listened to the wav. clips yet as I still have more samples to download.
                    1. What I'm wondering is how far are these files prepared? That is, do we need to do any reverse RIAA's or are they sent as a "flat" response?
                    2. On the same subject, the files where it is stated that no equalization was applied, does that also include no turnover was applied as well (Being that it is a form of equalization)?


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                      Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

                      I can't say about all of them. However the Tigerhunt clip was recorded using a phono input on a pre amp that has a normaill RIAA curve.


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                        Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

                        One more question... How do we know which filters are not in DCFive if we have Forensics? I know there's the forensics menu, but I don't know all of the settings in other filters that may be different. Can we get a list somewhere of what we can't use?


                        Dan McDonald


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                          Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

                          firstly, in reply to your question DJBohn:
                          1. Robert Frost has the correct EQ applied by Craig from what I understand
                          2. Tiger Hunt has RIAA already applied (as Rick has mentioned)
                          3. Jim Reeves: This 78 has been run through an RIAA preamp - take the appropriate action
                          4. In A Monestary Garden has no turnover frequency or roll off frequency applied (ie "flat" reproduction)
                          5. Sing A Song Of Sunbeams also has no turnover requency or roll off frequency applied.

                          Thus for both samples 4 &amp; 5 you will need to decide the appropriate bass turnover frequencies and decide if you want to use a treble roll off frequency (although from a recent thread that you posted, the treble roll off is not an absolute requirement!).....I have given the dates for the recordings as best I can to aid in a correct decision. However, a "listener" based approach to choosing the turnover frequency would be best.
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                            Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

                            In reply to you Dan,
                            There are 2 Forensics filters that DC5 is supplied with, which are:
                            1. The Brick Wall Forensics Filter
                            2. The De-clipper Filter

                            You can use either of these Forensics filter types in the DC LIVE-Forensics program, but no others under the "Forensics" menu.

                            The settings available in the DC LIVE-Forensics and DC5 filters are apparently the same (hence we recently removed the term "settings" from rules 5 &amp; 6)...I will check the differences between filters available in DC5 and Forensics/LIVE again tonight and list any filters not available to be used in the competition tomorrow.

                            The available filters in the "Filter" menu of DC5 that can be used in the competition are:
                            1. EZ-Impulse Noise Filter
                            2. Expert Impulse Noise Filter
                            3. Continuous Noise Filter (including spectral subtraction mode)
                            4. Harmonic Reject Filter
                            5. Dynamic Noise reduction Filter
                            6. Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch filters
                            7. Median and Averaging filters
                            8. Graphic equaliser (however it only has 10 bands, you wont be able to use the 20 band EQ)
                            9. Paragraphic Equaliser
                            10. File conversions

                            The available effects in the DC5 "Effects" menu that can be used in the competition are:
                            1. Reverb
                            2. Virtual Valve Amplifier
                            3. Dynamics Processor
                            4. Reverse File
                            5. Channel Blender
                            6. Punch &amp; Crunch
                            7. Filter Sweeper

                            I will compile a list of filters not for use tonight that you can use as a quick reference and to confirm your question.

                            Good Luck to you both!

                            Any further questions, don't hesitate to a away!

                            At work I may look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm actually quite busy


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                              Re: WIN! WIN!! WIN!!!

                              4-walls was run through the RIAA also. I forgot it was mine.