Here are 5 paragraphic eq presets for flat transfers. They were developed by Craig.
There are two for cassette (70usec is Type II cassette; 120usec is Type I)
three for open reel: 1 for 1.875 and 3.75 ips), 1 for 7.5 & 15 ips).
The last one is for early 1950s (pre-NAB standards) tapes. It is about the same as the one that matches 7.5, but it adds a little more in the treble end. It was a guess based on the sound of some tapes that were transferred, since we had the date (1950) but didn't know the recorder used to make the tape.

If you have early tapes using the Ampex noise reduction system (circa 1958), there is already a preset for that in the paragraphic filter presets. It is to be used after the regular NAB curve is applied, not in place of the NAB curve.

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