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Spatializer Presets for the Channel Blender

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  • Spatializer Presets for the Channel Blender

    Here are 4 presets for use with the Diamond Cut Channel Blender (Blender preset file folder) which will take a stereo signal that has dominant elements in the center of the soundstage and offset them more to the the left and right side of that stage. These will only work on stereo .wav files. Some very interesting effects are possible when these Channel Blender spatializer presets are used with the Channel Blender in conjuntion with the Time Offset feature of the File Conversion filter (combined in the Multifilter). Different sounding effects are produced depending on which system is first in line in the multifilter or second in line. Even more interesting are the effects that you can achieve with a File Conversion filter followed by the Channel blender spatialiers and then followed by another File Conversion filter using the Time Offset feature in both of the File Conversion filters. Have some fun and experiment with these new presets.

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