Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools 11.00


DCart 11.0 is the next step in audio processing evolution. With DCart11.0, we have added to, and enhanced the existing tools you know and love and we have made the much easier to find and use. Plus we have significantly lowered the price for both the new and upgrade versions!

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Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools 11.00

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  • New Release – Version 11.0
    • Added Support for ASIO sound cards
    • New Audio Control Center in DCTunes
    • Speed Increase for Loading/Saving DCTunes Libraries
    • New stereo simulator presets for the multifilter
    • New monaural demo recording
    • Bug Fixes
  • Update 10.80
    • New Silk Mode on VVA with accompanying presets
    • New Balance Meter in the Virtual Phono Preamp
  • Update 10.75
    • New noise colors added to the Make Wave Generator
    • New live continuous preview mode to the Make Wave Generator
    • New Air Check demo recording from 1933
    • Sharp Cutoff mode added to Subharmonic and Overtone synthesizers.
    • New presets and bug fixes
  • Update 10.7
    • New 3 Step Easy Restoration Wizard in the Task Panes. Get professional results quickly
    • Updated the CDDB database links to a new site.
    • New CNF and Multifilter Presets
  • Update 10.62
    • New Stout mode added to the Dynamic Bass processor for punchier low bass
    • Extract Audio from Video converter enhanced to handle many newer video formats.
    • Many updated presets
    • New Getting Started Guide: Download it from the Knowledge Base 
  • Update version 10.6
    • New Dynamic Bass Processor (See AN22 for details)
    • Dozens of new Presets to support for our Flat Preamp
    • Improved default presets
    • Added presets to the Change Speed system
    • New presets in the Virtual Phono Preamp and the Multifilter specifically to support flat preamp transfers
    • All CNF presets have been re-done with re-sampled noise fingerprints; these all produce improved results
    • All CNF presets now have a normal version and a Lite version for improved versatility
    • New Live Log Output feature to log your processed live recording.
    • New Task Pane to start flat phono preamp recording
    • Bug Fixes
  • Make MP3’s of your favorite music
  • Clean up your old records and tapes
  • Create CD’s of your favorite music
  • Clean up recorded conversations, speeches, concerts, etc.
  • File Transcription / Time Expansion / Speed and/or Pitch Change
  • Organize and play all of your music
  • Add effects and enhancements to your music on the fly
  • Audio & Acoustical Measurements
  • Audio File Format Conversions
  • Statistical Measurement Tools
  • 1 Year of free support
  • And much more . . .

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DCart11.00 is the next step in audio processing evolution. We have added to and enhanced the existing tools you know and love and we have made the much easier to find and use.

A new Graphical User Interface provides a very intuitive way to interact with the power of the classic Diamond Cut tools. A new set of task panes steers the user to the correct solution based on their audio goal. With 10.5 and later we have added “Green Zones” on our filters to help you quickly dial in your sliders settings.  Additionally, it incorporates many new descriptive presets for the various filters.  Tasks that may have been difficult to accomplish in the past are now easily approachable with new features.

New DCart 11.0 Features

Ease of Use

  • Three Step Wizard to get you started with professional record restorations (Take a look at the Task Pane)
  • Green Zones to guide filter slider settings
  • Tasks Pane feature guides you to the correct filter
  • Balance meter on the VPP for optimum restoration of Vertically recorded material.
  • Updated GUI Appearance
  • VST Hosting (VST Plug-in Support)
  • Waveform Overview for quickly getting around in a file
  • Tabbed display or traditional multi window view
  • Larger and completely configurable toolbar Icons
  • One-Click Switch between Fast & Classic Edit Mode
  • Improved tracking of all editing functions in classic editing mode between source and destination files
  • Quick access to Spectrogram or Histogram views from the main window
  • Changed the software application look to follow various flavors of Windows
  • Paste Interpolate Icon button for easy waveform interpolation when working with tablet computers.
  • Easy check for updates from the help menu
  • Customizable Keyboard Accelerators
  • Customizable Application Look

Additions and Improvements to existing features

  • Support for ASIO sound card drivers, get the bit depth and sample rate you set, not what the Windows drivers decide.
  • Silk mode added to the Virtual Valve Preamp. This is a subtle way to add ‘AIR” to your recordings.
  • Live Preview in the Make Wave Generator
  • Multiple colors of noise. Use DCart for a relaxation noise generator.
  • New Dynamic Bass Processor (new in 10.6)
  • Wind Noise Filter
  • VST Hosting (Up to 6 VST Plug-ins at a time)
  • AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) compressed audio file support added for file extensions such as .aac, .m4a, etc.
  • Vertical setting for the Virtual Phono Preamp
  • Improved the audio quality of the Stretch and Squish (pitch and tempo change) system.
  • Low Frequency Shelf option added to the Paragraphic EQ.
  • Over 2,000 Descriptive Factory Presets are now provided for ease in “getting started” with any given function.
  • Sampling Rate support extended from 192 kHz up to as high as 210 kHz providing up to 100 kHz Bandwidth capability.
  • Set New Start Time for File feature added.
  • Set a file Time offset for tracking time in multipart files
  • Added offset capability to the overtone and sub-harmonic synthesizer filters for a more natural sound.
  • Added “Delete All Filters” right menu option to the Multifilter

One Year of Fee Support
Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or later

DCart11.0 is a new release and requires purchase for all users.

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