DCart 11.0 and Music Handbook Bundle

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This product is a bundle of DCart11.00 plus the Music Restoration Handbook for one low price.  This is for the digital download (PDF) version of the handbook only

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Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools 11.00

DCart 11.0 is the next step in audio processing evolution. With DCart11.0, we have added to, and enhanced the existing tools you know and love and we have made the much easier to find and use. Plus we have significantly lowered the price for both the new and upgrade versions!

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Music Restoration Handbook

Music Restoration Handbook

6th Edition
Early Disc Records to Today's LPs

By Marc S. Hildebrant

Marc has taken his Music Restoration techniques to new levels with the Fifth Edition which is now in stock.  This updated version contains many new approaches to the various filter settings throughout the book in order to reflect the enhanced removal of record noise with the goal in mind to maintaining the original music quality as it was played in the recording studio.  Marc has created new settings that reflect the authors continued restoration work on a large collection of music over the years.

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Bundle Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools 11.0 and Music Restoration Handbook

This product is a
bundle of DCart11.00 and the Music Restoration Handbook V6 PDF version

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One Year of Fee Support

Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or later

DCart10.80 is a free upgrade for owners of DCart10.50 or later.

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Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools 11.00

Music Restoration Handbook