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Diamond Cut VVA VST Plugin

Now you can add the sweet warm sounds of vacuum tubes to any VST audio app. With our DCVST Virtual Valve Tube Simulation plug-in, you can choose from multiple tubes and various settings to add amazing warmth and body to any audio file. This is the same VVA filter that is found in our DCLive6 and DC6 products but packaged as a VST plugin so you can use it in your favorite host application.

The Virtual-Valve Amplifier
is a computer simulation of a number of vacuum tube amplifier circuits.
(Valve is the British term for electron tube. We call it the “Virtual
Valve Amplifier, because that sounds cooler than “Virtual Tube
Amplifier.”) Its effect is to add “tube-warmth” to
the sound of a recording. This is sometimes desirable to apply to
today?s more ?sterile? digital recordings. It can also
be used to add subtle harmonics to very old recordings. A harmonic
exciter is also included with the Virtual Valve Amplifier. It is important
to note that the Virtual Valve amplifier is using real tube circuits,
and real tube non-linear device characteristics to produce its effect.
The wide range of adjustability of this algorithm will allow you to
create an amplifier that runs the gamut in sonic performance from
“grit-guitar” to “high-end audiophile.”

The VVA plugin has these
tube types:

  • Triode 12AX7
  • Triode 12AT7
  • Triode 2A3
  • Triode 12AU7
  • Pentode 6EJ7
  • Push-Pull 2A3
  • 2-Stage Class
  • 2-Stage Class
    AB (12AX7+6L6)
  • Exciter (Harmonic
  • Xformer Class
    AB (12AX7+6L6)

NOTE: This product is NOT
standalone, you must have a VST host application to use this.
Not tested on Windows 7

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