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Unable to paste from a wav file and save as new

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  • Unable to paste from a wav file and save as new

    I am trying to copy a portion of my source file and save it as a new wav file in the same folder as all the DCart wav files. My procedure is as follows:
    I dragged the mouse to highlight the portion of the source audio I wish to past to a new file. Click Edit, select paste as new file and click. The folder that contains all my source files produced with DCart is displayed. I then type the name of the new file and click Save. I then receive an error message "The system cannot find the path of the specific file".

    I would appreciate any suggestions on how to correct this issue.

    Many thanks,
    Bob W

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    So sorry, folks. I missed as crucial step. I forgot to click Copy before I went to Edit/Paste/Paste as new file. All is well now. Again, sorry for being too fast on the trigger.


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      Good to know -

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