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Audiophile Grade Vacuum Tube Amplifier

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  • Audiophile Grade Vacuum Tube Amplifier

    Here is a preset based on a typical tube lineup used in high-end audio equipment from the early 1960's era. It uses all 12AX7 triodes in the various preamp stages. It uses a 12AU7 phase inverter and two 6L6GC Beam Power Pentodes as the push-pull output stage.

    This multifilter preset is more subtle compared to the other Vacuum Tube Amplifier Preset that I posted. It only produces a total of 1.87 % THD which was typical of the performance of vacuum tube audio equipment of that era.

    Note: This is not compatible with the DC5 version of the Diamond Cut software.
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    I have re-uploaded this preset since there have been problems. Hopefully, this will fix the problem.
    "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield


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      It seems that the board upgrade has fixed the preset download problem, at least for me. I can now download any of these recent presets without any problem, whereas before the upgrade on this same computer, I was having problems.


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        The download problem is also fixed for me. I just downloaded the "" and it came across fine with no problems like we were having. IE 6 now works great for this download.

        Thanks for the fix.