The Jam

All Old-Time musicians are invited to an open jam session at Mannion’s Pub and Restaurant in Somerville, NJ

We meet the 1st Tuesday evening of every month. Start time is 7:30 pm and we usually end around 10:30 pm

We pretty much stick to old time fiddle tunes with the occasional song or two or three. For those not familiar with the Old Time style of jamming, here are a few of the main points

  • We all play the tune together all the way through
  • Unlike bluegrass and other forms, there are no solos
  • We usually stay in one key for a while. Banjo’s and Fiddles re-tune for each key
  • Unlike Irish and other forms, we play each tune through many times rather than switch after 2 or 3 times through. This usually amounts to a tune lasting 3 or 4 minutes.
  • We rarely do medleys, but this does happen.
  • Some tunes are crooked. Meaning that the A or B parts or both parts may have have extra beats, or missing beats. 

Any questions please contact us here

Mannion’s Pub and Restaurant in the central business district of Somerville, NJ at 150 West Main Street. Mannion’s food and drink prices are moderate and there is plenty of room for players and listeners. We start around 7:30 PM and go to around 10:30 or so, so please bring your fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, autoharp, bass or other acoustic instrument and join us.

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