Let the Sun Shine In


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Let the Sun Shine In

Jim Lovett and the Polka Stars

Here is an album of authentic midwestern Polka music featuring a blend of the Slovenian, Polish and Bohemian styles. This album was originally released on Vinyl and is the second release by Jim Lovett and the Polka Stars from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  1. Let the Sun Shine In (Polka)
  2. Polish Annie (Polka)
  3. Pretty Girls in Chicago (Waltz)              
  4. Firehouse Polka 
  5. Strip Polka 
  6. Green Meadows (Waltz)
  7. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
  8. Chicago Land Twirl (Polka)
  9. At the Mill (Waltz)
  10. More and More (Polka)
  11. Harmonica (Waltz)
  12. Johnny’s Knocking (Polka)

Total Playing time 36:40


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