Novelty Tunes Of the Roaring 20s Volume 1


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Novelty Tunes of the Roaring 20’s, Volume 1

(Edison Diamond Disc Electricals)

Novelty Tunes of the Roaring 20s, Volume 1 is a compilation of popular music that captures some of the light-hearted side of those times as recorded on the Edison Label (Edison Diamond Discs) via the newly developed electrical recording process.
With the victory of the First World War behind them, the working class of America in the 1920’s was poised for rapid social change because of a booming economy in which there was very little unemployment. The Tin Lizzy (and later the Ford Model A, with their optional rumble seats) made transportation readily available to the masses due to their low cost coupled with readily available credit. Subsequently, the population began to extend out from the urban areas to the less populated suburban regions of the country because of the automobile.
The advent of radio brought advances in home entertainment to large numbers of people. The 1920s also featured prohibition which did little to hamper the happy-go-lucky times that the folks had with their spare time because bootleg hooch was readily available. And, Americans enjoyed more free time than in past generations and did much to take good advantage of it with leisure activities including baseball, dance halls and speakeasy’s.

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Song list

  1. Nagasaki, Jack Kaufman & The Seven Blue Babies
  2. Get Em In A Rumble Seat, Billy Jones & Ernest Hare
  3. Button Up Your Overcoat, Golden Gate Orchestra
  4. There’s A Rainbow Round My Shoulder, Golden Gate Orchestra
  5. I Want To Be Bad, Golden Gate Orchestra
  6. That’s My Weakness Now, B. A. Rolfe
  7. Beautiful, B. A. Rolfe
  8. The St. Louis Blues, B. A. Rolfe
  9. I Just Roll Along, Vaughn De Leath
  10. Where Did You Get That Name ?, Jack Dalton & The Seven Blue Babies
  11. When Your With Somebody Else, The Florida Four
  12. Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine), Billy Murray & Walter Scanlan
  13. Once In A Lifetime, Duke Yellman & His Orchestra
  14. You’re A Real Sweetheart, Duke Yellman & His Orchestra
  15. Anything You Say, Oreste & His Queensland Orchestra
  16. Ten Little Miles From Town, Oreste & His Queensland Orchestra
  17. Baby, Oh Where Can You Be?, Phil Spitalny’s Music
  18. When My Dreams Come True, Phil Spitalny’s Music
  19. Susianna, Piccadilly Players
  20. Weary River, Piccadilly Players


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