Novelty Tunes of the Roaring 20s, Volume 2


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Novelty Tunes of the Roaring 20’s, Volume 2

Novelty Tunes of the Roaring 20s, Volume 2 is the second compilation in a series of music that reflects the euphoric feelings of that time just prior to the end of that decade.
Life was moving at a lightening pace throughout the 1920’s. The decade could be characterized by enthusiasm, confidence and optimism. Stock was being purchased “On Margin” and people were making money hand over fist (on paper, at least). The overall mood was almost euphoric. The movies had finally “learned to talk reliably”. Radio had moved from the very weak Cat Whisker Crystal Set to the vacuum tube- based receivers which had loudspeakers allowing the entire family to listen to a program as a group. The convenience of Radio ultimately had a negative impact on record and phonograph sales. By the Late 1920’s, Henry Ford had introduced the spiffier Model A into the market, which could travel at around 60 miles per hour despite the “Bumpety Bump” ride it presented to its passengers. Airplanes were routinely seen in the sky and made it appear that almost anything was possible at that time and in the near future.
Towards the close of the decade, confidence dimmed as margin calls came in with great rapidity, destroying much of the wealth that had been accumulated during the earlier halcyon years. This ultimately resulted in the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Similarly, Edison’s record business dimmed and then was completely shut-down the day before the big crash.

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  1. Sergeant Flagg & Sergeant Quirt
    Billy Murray & Walter Scanlan (10-12-1929) Matrix # N-1127B
  2. Give Your Baby Lots of Loving
    Ermine Calloway (3-22-1929) Matrix # N-811A
  3. Don’t Do That to the Poor Puss Cat
    Billy Murray & The 7 Blue Babies (11-8-1928) Matrix # N-556B
  4. Please Don’t Cut Out My Sauerkraut
    Jack Dalton & The 7 Blue Babies, (3-26-1929) Matrix # N-816B
  5. Kansas City Kitty
    Billy Murray & his Merry Melody Men (3-28-1929) Matrix # N-823B
  6. I Fall Down and Go Boom
    Gladys Rice (2-7-1929) Matrix # N-729A
  7. Doing the Raccoon
    Billy Murray & The 7 Blue Babies (11-8-1928) Matrix # N-555A
  8. Goodness Gracious Gracie
    Billy Murray & Walter Scanlan (4-2-1929) Matrix # N-832B
  9. She’s a Good Girl
    Billy Murray & his Merry Melody Men (3-28-1929) Matrix # N-822C
  10. I Got a Code in My Doze
    Vaughn De Leath (4-17-1929) Matrix # N-861C
  11. Shady Lady
    Al Friedman and his Orchestra (4-19-1929) Matrix # N-862B
  12. I Love to go Bumpety Bump
    Jack Dalton & The 7 Blue Babies (12-19-1928) Matrix # N-645B
  13. What Did You Want to Make Me Love You For?
    Ermine Calloway (5-8-1929) Matrix # N-885F
  14. All By Yourself in the Moonlight
    Parker and Donaldson (1-9-1929) Matrix # N-689B
  15. I’m Wild About Horns on Automobiles
    Jack Dalton & The 7 Blue Babies (12-19-1928) Matrix # N-646B
  16. Ever Since the Movies Learned to Talk
    Billy Murray (1-5-1929) Matrix # N-679B
  17. I Want to be Bad
    Ermine Calloway (3-22-1929) Matrix # N-810G
  18. She Only Laughs at Me
    Arthur Fields & His Assassinators (3-5-1929) Matrix # N-766F
  19. If I Was a Millionaire
    Bob Pierce (3-6-1929) Matrix # N-769A
  20. If I Give Up the Saxophone
    Jack Dalton and the 7 Blue Babies(3-26-1929) Matrix # N-817C


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