Unreleased Edison Laterals 1


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Unreleased Edison Laterals 1

It was a time of prohibition, wild parties, Bootlegging, Flappers, and Jazz. It was a period just prior to the crash of an overly optimistic stock market. The songs recorded by Edison consist of popular music of the time, including “Hot Dance” tunes, Fox Trots, Comedies, Ballads, etc. Many of the artists on these recordings went on to become famous Jazz and Big band Names later in the 30’s and 40’s. These recordings were among the last to be recorded by the Edison Record Company and only a few were ever released to the public. Diamond Cut Productions is proud to release this snapshot of history on Cassette and Compact disc.

Song List:

  1. Don’t Wait Until The Lights Are Low, Al Friedman and his Orchestra,11/27/28 2.
  2. Just A Night For Meditation, Al Friedman and his Orchestra, 7/23/28
  3. Two Lips, Al Friedman and his Orchestra, 7/23/28
  4. Cause I Feel Low Down, The California Ramblers, 7/24/28
  5. Dream House, The California Ramblers, 7/24/28
  6. Vaniteaser, The California Ramblers, 8/29/28
  7. Tin Pan Parade, Vaughn de Leath, 5/9/28
  8. Is It Gonna Be Long, Vaughn de Leath, 7/27/28
  9. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Vaughn de Leath, 8/14/28
  10. Etiquette Blues, Bob Pierce, 8/15/28
  11. Tell Me You’re Sorry, Tom Timothy and his Frivolity Club Orchestra, 5/10/28
  12. Ida,Sweet As Apple Cider, Parker & Donaldson, 7/16/28 1
  13. Semper Fidelis ,The New York Military Band, 6/5/28
  14. Why Do I Love You, B.A. Rolfe and his Orchestra, 2/10/28
  15. Deep Hollow, B. A. Rolfe and his Orchestra, 5/14/28
  16. Sonny Boy, The Piccadilly Players, 8/13/28
  17. If You Don’t Love Me, The Piccadilly Players, 7/19/28
  18. Lover Come Back To Me, The Golden Gate Orchestra, 4/6/29
  19. It Goes Like This (That Funny Melody), J. Kafman and the Seven Blue Babies, 9/14/28
  20. My Gal Sal ,Winegar’s Penn. Boys, 5/4/28
  21. My Arcady,Steel Jamison, 5/3/28
Total Playing time 70:13


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