Vaughn DeLeath, “The Original Radio Girl”


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Vaughn DeLeath, “The Original Radio Girl”

Though scarcely remembered today, she was once referred to as the “First Lady of Radio” and later as “The Original Radio Girl.” Her crooning style of singing caught on and this was later picked up by the likes of Bing Crosby and Rudy Vallee, and then later by Frank Sinatra. In a studio too small to include a piano or other musical instruments, she stepped up to the microphone and sang, a capella, “Swanee River.” It was at that moment that she earned the position of the first person whose singing voice was heard on the air. In these early days of radio, she was known for her perseverance. According to Variety magazine, “She was known for her ability to entertain for long periods.” In the early days of radio, two or three performances might furnish an entire evenings entertainment.

Vaughn De Leath recorded for Edison throughout the 1920s and these recording were taken from some of the last recordings made for Edison in 1928 and 1929 on the “Lateral Cut” series.


  1. Mah Lindy Lou  September 6, 1928
  2. Nobody But Baby  August 14, 1928
  3. Birmingham Bertha*  May 28, 1929
  4. Come Back Chiquita  July 27, 1928
  5. Everything we Like, we Like Alike  September 11, 1928
  6. Mariana  September 11, 1928 
  7. Honey  May 14, 1929
  8. Honey, I’s a Waitin’ jes fo you  September 14, 1928
  9. Jeanine, I Dream of Lilac Time  September 14, 1928
  10. I Ain’t Got Nobody  September 19, 1928
  11. Me and the Man in the Moon  January 21, 1929
  12. When I’m Walking With My Sweetness  March 13, 1929
  13. Some Sweet Day  April 17, 1929
  14. Reaching for Someone  May 14, 1929
  15. Happy Days and Lonely Nights  January 21, 1929
  16. I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling  April 17, 1929
  17. There Ain’t No Sweet Man  September 19, 1929
  18. I’m Ka-razy for You  March 13, 1929
  19. Dusky Stevedore  June 7, 1928
  20. Giggling Gertie  June 7, 1928
  21. Am I Blue?*  May 28, 1929

Total Playing Time: 67:05

* with B.A. Rolfe and his Lucky Strike Orchestra

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