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Perhaps you’ve heard, we at the Ithaca OT Jam have been working at editing down over 500 tunes from 3 person’s field recordings of the weekly jam sessions, made over the last 5 years. The objective was putting together a CD with the Best of the Ithaca Jam – Selected Field Recordings for friends and new folks to the jam. There were so many fun tunes, we decided to make it an mp3 CD so we could fit more on it… Some are new tunes, others are familiar names, but different versions!

This was conceived as a relatively low budget affair, but it’s pretty decent sound, and 111 tunes! I think you may know that we play in a 5 week cycle a different key / tuning each week. So, this is an mp3 CD with 5 folders, each for a different week. That’s more than 5 audio CDs worth of music! I’ve attached a copy of the liner notes with a list of tunes, etc. CD-Liner Notes
They are available for $6 postpaid. Let me know if you’d like a copy; I’d be pleased to send you one.

Jim Stanko
email: jimandmarnie(at)stanko(dot)net
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Here is a sampling of the tunes, give a listen
Seventeen Days in Georgia

      Seventeen Days in Georgia - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Paddy Have a Drink of Good Ol’ Cider

      Paddy Have a Drink of Godd Ol' Cider - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

No Corn on Tygart

      No Corn on Tygart - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Mississippi Sawyer

      Mississippi Sawyer (A) - Ithaca Southern OT Jam


      Last of Sizemore - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Jeff Davis

      Jeff Davis - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Hy Patillion

      Hy Patillion - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Goodbye Miss Liza

      Goodbye Miss Liza - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Free State of Winston

      Free State of Winston - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Fishin Time

      Fishin' Time - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Elzwics Farewell

      Elzwic's Farewell - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Cornbread and Sweet Peas

      Cornbread and Sweet Peas - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Bush in the Shucks

      Bush in the Shucks - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Boys My Moneys All Gone

      Boys My Money's All Gone - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Big Scioty

      Big Scioty 3 - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Betty Likens

      Betty Likens - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Banging on the Hood

      Banging on the Hood - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Wheel Hoss

      Wheel Hoss - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

Snake River Reel

      Snake River Reel - Ithaca Southern OT Jam

5 thoughts on “Ithaca Old Time Jam CD

  1. I’m always bemused when someone suggests that there is a way a tune is ‘supposed’ to be. I once did a workshop on ‘Soldier’s Joy’ and gave the students a CD with 19 distinct versions of the tune – it could easily have been 100. Life goes on despite our intentional or unintentional wanderings. As Tommy J said, we all play it just a little bit different.
    Will you have some copies of the Ithaca jam tune CD at Black Creek?

    • Thanks for the informative comment and for the reminder. I’ll have some copies at Black Creek and I’m sure Jim S. will have some as well.

  2. Nice project and great recordings! One thing I would point out however, is that with Bill Monroe’s tune “Wheel Hoss”, while the melody on your recording is not quite the way he and most everyone else have played it, there is also supposed to be an extra tag on the end of the B part which, I think, is part of the essence of the tune and should be there, unless of course, you’re playing the tune for a dance.

    • Thanks for your comment on Wheel Hoss. Yes, we’re aware that we have ‘evolved’ the tune. It’s also true that many old time tunes have been leveraged by bluegrass musicians and have been ‘arranged’ to suit their tastes. So, this is one of a few ‘reverse evolved’ tunes that we play where we’ve returned the compliment. It’s all part of the folk process… Jim

    • Thanks for your taking the time to listen to some of the selections. I think I’ve heard the Monroe version once, maybe. I’ll have to give it another listen. Our jam has done dances, and I’m sure that our version would make a good dance tune. I want to assure you I meant no harm in altering the tune, it’s just that, the way something
      has been done in the past…even in the present, is just a starting point for me. Call me loony that way. Again, thanks for listening and taking the time to make a comment.


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