AN-13 Digitizing Records using a DCP-47K-F Flat Response Magnetic Phono Cartridge Preamp

The Diamond Cut Productions DCP-47K-F flat response magnetic phono cartridge preamplifier is intended for use with Diamond Cut Production’s audio software which contains a Virtual Phono Preamplifier. Most phono preamplifiers include an RIAA curve within its design circuitry, which produces some distortion and does not perfectly re-create the RIAA curve. The DCP-47K-F produces a ruler-straight response across the entire audio spectrum. By transferring your record(s) via the DCP-47K-F and then processing them through the Diamond Cut Productions Virtual Phono Preamplifier you will be able to apply a variety of choices of EQ curves (including the RIAA curve) to the transferred record file. The Virtual Phono Preamplifier software algorithm then applies any of many EQ curves with mathematical precision and lower inter-modulation distortion added to the signal. This capability is beyond that of analog based phonographic EQ systems

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