Recording with Windows 10 and DCart

Windows 10 Recording Problems #

Many people initially have some difficulties recording with Windows 10. This article describes some of the most common causes and fixes for this issue.

Most problems with recording on Windows 10 are because of the way Windows deals with recording hardware. These settings are mostly outside of Dcart10, but lets step thru the possible causes.

Firstly, check what recording device is selected in DCart10.

1)      Go to the Recording screen and see what recording device is selected.

2)      Once you have that set, next is to see what device Windows 10 thinks is enabled. To do this:

  • In the Search bar in Windows (Bottom left) type “Sound”, you should see “Sound control panel” as the first choice.
  • Select that option and you should see this
  • Select the “Recording” tab at the top and now you should see something like this:

You can see on my system I have selected “Stereo Mix” as the default device. You mostly likely would want to choose Line In if you are recording from an external device such as our Flat Phono Preamp.

On your system, it may have a different set of available input devices.

In order to get your line input to work, you will need to actually put a plug something into the jack. This is a new behavior in Windows 10 and it essentially treats the input as disabled if there is not something plugging into it.

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